Having an Internet site is a tad bit more complex than having a domain and uploading files for it on a server. The hosting service includes things such as domain records, databases, e mail addresses, statistics, FTP access, and so forth. Though they might not be the first thing which comes to mind when you refer to the word “website”, they are an integral part of any website and none of them can be skipped. If you wish to start and sustain a profitable presence online, you need an easy way to manage all these things, particularly if you are not very experienced. Aside from the ease of use, it is also crucial to have complete control over your domain names and the hosting service related to them.
Website Manager in Shared Website Hosting
When you order any of our shared website hosting packages, you'll get a sophisticated, though easy-to-use Website Manager tool, that is included in the in-house created Hepsia CP. Not only is it simple to use even by people with zero previous experience in this field, but it will also offer you 100 % control over every aspect of your online presence. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to access every part of the CP that is associated in some way to your sites. DNS records, WHOIS information, e mails, databases, FTP accounts, script applications - each one of these things can be managed using quick-access links that are fittingly put together in one location. We've also prepared a considerable amount of helpful articles and video lessons, that will offer you a far better understanding of all the characteristics of the Website Manager.
Website Manager in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The Website Manager tool, which comes with our semi-dedicated server packages and that is part of the Hepsia Control Panel, provides you with everything you need so that you can handle your online presence efficiently. After you open the tool, you'll find a list of all the domain addresses which are registered or hosted inside the account. Clicking on any of them will bring up a pop-up in which quick-access links will permit you to do numerous things with simply a mouse click - to look at the in depth site visitor stats, to set up a script application using our 1-click installer, to set up a new email address or to acquire an SSL certificate. These are just a few options which you will be able to access easily, considering the fact that everything will be available in one particular place. The Website Manager provides a clean and easy-to-use interface and it can be used both by newbies and by more tech-savvy users.